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How to write a good reason to apply for studying abroad in Japan

How to write a good reason to apply for studying abroad in Japan

The reason for studying abroad in Japan is one of the points to pay special attention to when making a study abroad application. A convincing reason will create trust with the Embassy and can determine up to 30% of your COE results.

1. Outline of the article

The principle of writing a reason to study abroad is to present it as an essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion so that the reason is logical, clear, and clear enough to convince the Embassy. You need to avoid lengthy writing that doesn’t get to the point and is confusing.


2. Article content

In terms of content, the article must clearly state the following ideas:

  • What is your purpose of studying abroad?
  • Reasons to study abroad? Why did you choose Japan as a place to study?
  • How do you plan to study abroad in Japan? Do you have a degree in Japanese?
  • After studying at a Japanese language school for 2 years, what do you plan to do?

You should note that:

The purpose of studying abroad in Japan is not just to study Japanese for 2 years at a Japanese language school, but after graduation, your goal is to learn a profession, go to college, university or master’s degree in Japan. You can also choose the Japanese language as a major for higher education.

3. Presentation

The most standard reason to study abroad in Japan usually has a number of 400 – 600 words presented on 1 to 1.5 A4 pages. The article clearly states the purpose, process of deciding to study abroad, educational level, Japanese language qualifications, preparation for study and living expenses, and future plans according to the following layout:

  • First and last name
  • Name of Japanese language school attended
  • Study abroad period
  • Day, month, year of writing
  • Content of reasons for studying abroad

4. Sample essay on reasons to study abroad in Japan

As a big fan of Doraemon, anime movies, and manga since childhood, I always wanted to study abroad in Japan when I grew up. I hope to study language in Japan to not only learn Japanese but also learn about Japanese culture and people. I really like Japanese culture such as samurai, traditional festivals, cherry blossom season, traditional kimono costumes, Japanese landscapes,… that I have seen through books, newspapers, and the internet.

To prepare for studying abroad in Japan, I have been studying Japanese from September 2020 until now at Thanh Giang Japanese Center. Currently, I have been studying for 6 months and am still continuing to study to improve my Japanese language skills. Up to now, I have passed the N4 Japanese exam. To prepare for studying abroad in Japan, I learned a lot about Japanese education and study opportunities in Japan, life in Japan, prices, and costs through study abroad consultants and friends. Friends are studying in Japan as well as via the Internet. After researching many Japanese language schools, tuition fees and living expenses, I decided to choose ABC Japanese language school in XYZ city. This is a prestigious school with good facilities, high quality foreign language training, and enthusiastic teachers with students. City A is also an easy city to live in and I love the living environment in this city.

If I can study abroad, during the 2 years of studying Japanese, I will make every effort to learn Japanese well and try to reach N2 or N1 Japanese level when I finish studying Japanese. I set a goal to learn at least 8,000 Japanese vocabulary words in 2 years of study so that I can take the entrance exam to Japanese universities and continue studying the language that I love. To achieve this goal, while studying Japanese I will diligently review for the EJU international student exam as well as practice for the school’s written exam and interview.

I hope to be able to study abroad in Japan next semester to make my dream of studying economics in Japan come true.

Sincerely thank you!

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