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Necessary and sufficient conditions for studying abroad

Necessary and sufficient conditions for studying abroad

Necessary and sufficient conditions for studying abroad

Studying abroad is an important decision for every young person. Each country will have a different education system and each level of education, each school will have different entry requirements and training costs. However, most countries have basic and minimum requirements, collectively known as necessary and sufficient conditions. Accordingly, if you decide to choose a study abroad path, you must definitely meet these conditions.


Necessary conditions

Academic ability: In terms of study abroad conditions, learning capacity is always considered first. Academic ability is usually calculated by the average grade point of study or 2-3 years of study before making a study abroad application. The minimum GPA for admission is 6.0 – 6.5 and you need to score 8.0 if you want to apply to large schools.

English: A foreign language (English language) is definitely an important study abroad condition. Depending on the level of study, each school will offer different entrance English standards. You need an international English certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL… or take the English Placement Test if required by the school. English along with academic ability is a decisive factor in the route you will study.

Financial capability: Your finances must be sufficient to cover tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of your studies abroad. In addition, prepare financial documents according to the requirements of each country when applying for a visa. If you can show your excellent English, outstanding academic ability and excellent extracurricular achievements, it can help you receive a valuable scholarship.

Sufficient conditions

Along with preparing for academic, foreign language and financial conditions, young people who decide to study abroad also need to cultivate knowledge and skills to adapt to life away from their families and cultural shock.

You need to be self-sufficient and have a good resume. There are many cases that converge all 3 necessary conditions (academic, foreign language and finance) for studying abroad but still unable to complete the goal because of the mentality of not being ready, not having a sense of independence or having problems with the resume.

Therefore, you need to practice the ability to self-adapt, and problem-solving as well as the ability to overcome difficulties and challenges. Along with that, please note: Schools and Consulates/Embassies of other countries also consider your resume, including immigration history, criminal record, study and work history, health …

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