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Opportunity to hunt for high school scholarships at EMA 2022

Opportunity to hunt for high school scholarships at EMA 2022

Hoc sinh check in tại trien lam. Anh: Fourdozen

Students can be interviewed to get a scholarship that is worth up to 100% of tuition fees from more than 30 American, Japanese and Malaysian boarding high schools at EMA 2022.

Where and when?

The event is cooperatively organized by The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) and Fourdozen. The EMA 2022 boarding school abroad exhibition takes place in two big cities, at 5pm – 8pm on December 11, Lotte Hotel (54 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) and 3pm – 6pm on November 13 (Sheraton Hotel, 88 Dong Khoi, District 1, HCMC).

The event is open with free entry. Students and parents can register online to check-in the exhibition more conveniently.


Here, participants can directly contact admissions representatives of high-quality schools such as Worcester Academy, Cushing Academy, Perkiomen School, Kents Hill School, St. Anne’s-Belfield School, The Brook Hill School, Ross School … The organizers selected the list of participating schools according to criteria including: prestigious training program, modern and advanced facilities, safe and comfortable environment, or conditions for comprehensive development.

Through the study abroad exhibition, EMA boarding high school as well as units and organizations also update the latest and most accurate information on admission requirements, scholarship policies and financial support from top-ranked schools.

“Meeting and impressing the admissions representatives will increase the opportunity for students to find greatly valuable scholarships,” said the representative of organizers.

In addition, students also have the opportunity to interview directly and receive 1:1 consultation with American education experts as well as Fourdozen’s experience in study abroad strategies, application processes, recruitments, and effective solutions to gain a US visa.

Moreover, the event also had many other gifts, including: 160 USD visa interview voucher, CGV movie ticket, beverage voucher, documents about high schools presenting at the event…

Hoc sinh nhan qua tị trien lam. Anh: Fourdozen

The Organizers

The Enrollment Management Association is  the organization that administers the SSAT examination, a standardized test for students planning to study at high school in the United States. This is also one of the most co-operative admissions units with many boarding high schools in the United States.

Fourdozen is a US-invested study abroad consulting company, licensed by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training. It owns a team of experienced consultants, cooperates with admission representatives of many high schools and universities in the US. This unit provides study abroad counseling services to customers based on the student’s academic ability, family financial condition and other personal factors.

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